Why should anyone switch to TestimonialsFor?

The question is obvious. Why should any business switch to TestimonialsFor and migrate testimonials / reviews from their current systems?

The Main motto of TestimonialsFor is “To help business gain more customers from their current customer list i.e. to grow from within”, which means TestimonialsFor helps customers in various ways to gain more customers and prospects by use of Testimonials, References and Sharing.

TestimonialsFor can still be useful for you if,

1. You have no testimonials to show on your website

2. You have testimonials, but in other social networking sites such as Linkedin and not on your website

3. You have testimonials / reviews on your website but you cannot authenticate

4. You have a Testimonials / Review system built as part of your website which displays testimonials received for your business / specific products.Which means you can display testimonials for each of your products.

1. You have no testimonials to show on your website.

TestimonialsFor help you gather those testimonials from your customers. We also help you manage those testimonials and make them work for you. Our Write, Check and Display widgets will help you categorize the testimonials and display them as you want it. What more, make them work for you, when your customer gives testimonials / reviews to you, you can gain more edge by way of requesting for references or to share to their social networking websites and the same could be done to yours too with just a click of a button.

2. You have testimonials, but in other social networking sites such as Linkedin and not on your website

To take best advantage of our system, we offer you opportunity to get all your testimonials uploaded to our system using our upload feature and we will send emails to your customers to authenticate it with just one single click.. Also on confirm, you can request for references or share them to your social networking sites.

3. You have testimonials / reviews which you cannot authenticate

Let us do the job of authenticating your testimonials for you. All you have to do is use our upload testimonial feature to upload the testimonial given to you by your client and we shall send them the request. They can just confirm the testimonial or change it the way they want it. This will make your testimonial authentic. Also on confirmation we ask them for references which means more business from existing customers.

4. You have a Testimonials / Review system built into your website

Okay! That’s great, you already have a testimonials and review system. But are you making those testimonials work for you? Did you get those quantifiable references that came in from the customers? Also did you make your testimonial available at strategic positions in your website which might get you more business? TestimonialsFor shall help you gain that additional business from  your testimonials that is not possible from your existing system. Also we help you share your testimonials to all your social networking websites with just a click of a button.


Some of the Features of TestimonialsFor that might interest you in switching

  1. You can receive Video Testimonials along with Text Testimonials
  2. You can receive testimonials for your business or product or better for product brand too. E.g. if you are reseller of a brand then you can categorize your to testimonial for your business, the product item or the brand too. It will help you gain more focus to your business.
  3. People can view testimonials from their friends Via Social Networking  Mapping feature called check widget, which not only boosts confidence in people but also help them do better decision making
  4. People can share your product to their Social networks which means you get greater exposure into the system.
  5. Our integrated system can help you gain those testimonials / review that you have not been able to get it.
  6. Management of testimonials become easier and better.
  7. You can choose to motivate you customers with messages while they are giving testimonials
  8. You can merge and display testimonials across profiles
  9. You can make your testimonials available to your facebook pages
  10. You can make your testimonials shared to all your social networking websites with just a click of a button.
  11. We also support German, French, Japanese and Spanish along with English languages, So if your website is in any of these languages, then your customers shall see all the widgets in respective languages only.  Other languages in making.
  12. For a branded companies, we can get  your testimonials be available at all places either be it on your website or your re-seller’s website. More places = more opportunities

Got interested? Register now at TestimonialsFor. You get a Free Trail for 30 days and no invoice will be raised until last week of completion of  your free trail. And you get another 15 days to pay. We shall help you setup and configure in no time. It will not take more than a day to become online. :)

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