How to associate your Facebook Page Tab to TestimonialsFor

Facebook Page Tabs are sections offered by Facebook to pages or walls. By use of Page Tab, users can create customized pages and display any information they wish to display to the visitors of Facebook page.

A typical Facebook page tab is shown as below. TestimonialsFor  offers support to businesses to make use of this Facebook page tab to display all testimonials that they have received from their customers.

This document identifies how to get Your Testimonials to be displayed in your Facebook Page Tab.

Step 1: Login to your Business Dashboard and go to plugin’s Section.

Step 2: Click on “Add New Facebook Tab” link to add a new Facebook Page Tab

Step 3: On the Facebook Popup window, Select the Facebook page to which you want to add testimonials as a Tab. (You might be asked to authorize TestimonialsFor to access information about you. Please Allow the authorization).

Select the Page and click on “Add Page Tab” button

Step 4: Once authorized, the facebook page will be associated to your business account and a new row will be added in your Plugins Section in TestimonialsFor business dashboard. You can Edit, Delete or Associate Testimonials to the Facebook page tab.

Step 4a: Edit Facebook Page Tab – Under this section you can Edit the Heading that you wish to display in your page tab

Step 4b: Associate Testimonials — once you click on this, you will see the list of testimonials that you have received for your profile. You can select which all testimonials you wish to associate to your facebook page tab. You can associate multiple testimonials from different profiles to the page tab.

Step 5: Once you have edited the heading and associated the testimonials, you can visit your Facebook page and see a new Tab added to your current list. Clicking on this tab will display all the selected testimonials on the page.

Visitors to this page, can see who all have given what testimonials, Then can also give testimonials to you using the Give Testimonials Link. Click on Give Testimonials Link will take the user to the TestimonialsFor Facebook app where they will see a Testimonials Form to fill and submit. Visitor who donot wish to give testimonial, can just agree to the other testimonials given by the users.

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